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INTERVIEW: Chinese are Quitting the Communist Party, What Americans Need to Know

Kari Donovan | United American First

The Donald J.Trump administration has been taking bold steps, in recent months, to expose the interlockings between the Chinese Communist party and wide-ranging criminal acts from deep within our most trusted American institutions by Americans who were influenced by the Communist party.

Daily press releases from the US Department of Justice and the US Department of State show numerous indictments for hacking, spying, and theft. There is no doubt that America has a Communist problem.

Recent comments by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo layout that the case that the Chinese Communist Party is indeed a national security focus for the Trump administration.

But not all Chinese people embrace Communism. Pompeo said as much in his historic speech recently, from the Nixon Library.

But what do Americans really understand is the difference?  We interviewed some people who have asylum here in America.

“Socialism is Communism.  Every school student in China understands what socialism is, there is a description in our textbooks that Socialism is Communism and if you don’t believe that or if ask questions about that fact, you are called a Conspiracy theorist, ” said Angelica, a member of the group called Tuidang, who identifies herself with an alias because she has family members who remain in China.

Angelica has been in the US for 5 years and before that worked as a foreign interpreter, she speaks English very well.

“No matter your beliefs, know who is bad, that is what we want people to open their eyes to,” Angelica said. “we want people to make that stand.”

Angelica said she looked up the meaning of her name and embraced it, “It means messenger of God or Angel.”  She wants people to sign a Petition with their real name or an alias and pledge to quit the Communist Party.

Here is a link to the Petition:

“Communism uses the public to monitor each other and get people to lose their values, so they self-censor out of fear of being alone and isolated. If someone doesn’t agree, they shame people in public,” Angelica said.

Here is a recent example of that type of activity from Chinese reporter Jennifer Zeng:

We call this type of humiliation an infringement on Human Rights, but that is not all the Communists do.  They do far worse that is why we started Tuidang,” she said.

According to their site: “Tuidang (退党) in Mandarin Chinese means to “withdraw from the Party.” It is the act of publicly renouncing the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliate organizations: the Communist Young Pioneers and the Communist Youth League.

Tuidang emerged shortly after the Chinese edition of the Epoch Times newspaper, based in New York, published the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party in October 2004—a series of editorials explaining the censored history and tyranny of the CCP. The Nine Commentaries describes how Chinese people have suffered numerous oppressive political campaigns and social upheavals under Party rule for over 65 years, resulting in an estimated 60 to 80 million unnatural deaths.”

“Our movement is a grassroots movement that started with our mission to try to stop the spread of Communism because Communism is like an evil Cancer. The nature of the CCP is evil and it doesn’t cherish human life.  We are a movement that wants to wake people up from the inside.  Generations of people have been under the mind control of the Communist party, some as early as 6 years old. We want to wake up those minds,” Angelica said.

“We have been heavily censored and we are worried about what we see happening here in the United States with censorship,” she said, explaining that she had spent 8 months in prison in China for distributing leaflets that were considered anti-Communist and therefore “Fake News”.

“Angelica” described the determination of other group members, to free the mind of the Chinese people by risking great danger from beatings and jail time under the Chinese Communist Party.

“Our movement switched to posting messages on Money because we knew they would have a harder time getting rid of our message. We call it ‘Truth Money’, Angelica said.

“We want to clear the eyes of the people so they can discern what is good and bad from God.  We are fighting every way we can,” she said.

Here is an example of Truth Money.

Comment: Internet censorship is very strict in China. People can’t even use Facebook or Google. So the code provides some methods (probably VPN and Proxy) to break the wall

“This terrible treatment started with a Cultural Revolution that America should understand because there are dangers that are associated with Socialism,” Angelica said.

According to Britannica, “The Cultural Revolution (in full, the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution) took place from 1966 to 1976 in China. The benign-sounding moniker belies the destruction it unleashed upon the country’s population. It was launched under the direction of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Chairman Mao Zedong, who wished to renew the spirit of the communist revolution and root out those he considered to be “bourgeois” infiltrators—alluding, in part, to some of his CCP colleagues who were advocating a path for an economic recovery that differed from Mao’s vision.”

Maoism, or Mao Zedong Thought, is a variety of Marxism–Leninism that Mao Zedong developed for realizing a socialist revolution in the agricultural, pre-industrial society of the Republic of China and later the People’s Republic of China

That is exactly what Pompeo was was warning us about with the Communists,  could he be warning us about more?

“The Communist Party is constantly at war with us,” Angelica said. “It is not about punishing one thought, Communism punishes any other thoughts that do not agree with them.”

More educational resources are surfacing daily to help Americans understand the tactics and agenda of Communists”

Tuidang was inspired by a book called, Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party which according to their site,was “published amidst one of Chinese Communist Party’s most brutal persecution—against the 100 million practitioners of Falun Gong in China.”

Step one, from the first Commentary, is as follows:


Yes, that is where Communism begins.

Now ask yourself, what is happening in the United States today with the Democrat Party’s Socialist Revolution, lawlessness and open rebellion to the American Republic.


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