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Human Rights Lawyer Tang Jingling Returned to Hometown After 10 Days in Custody



Chinese human rights lawyer Tang Jingling was taken back to his hometown recently after being detained for more than 10 days. 

The attorney, who recently finished a five-year prison sentence on account of his defense of those targeted by the Chinese Communist Party, had just sought a visa to go to New York City as a visiting scholar. According to a recent report received by ChinaAid, Tang has been escorted back to his hometown in the nation’s Hubei province.

Tang Jingling was released from jail on April 2019 after serving a five-year term for inciting subversion/ After his release, he has vowed to continue his non-violent fight for human rights and democracy in China.

In an interview with the South China Morning Post, Tang said he stood by his beliefs about advancing democracy in the country.

“My imprisonment has confirmed my beliefs that [building] a democratic society that values human rights is the only way to prevent tragedies, such as what happened to me, from happening again to other people,” Tang said. “I believe [democracy] is still the way to go [for China] – where every citizen can stand up for their rights.“For people who advocate for democracy, they should come forward and help others in every possible way they can, especially [for those] who desperately need help,” he added. Tang, 48, returned to his hometown in Jingzhou, Hubei province on Monday evening after he was freed from Sihui Prison in Zhaoqing, Guangdong in the morning. He was sentenced to five years’ jail for inciting subversion of state power by a Guangzhou court in 2016. A prominent human rights lawyer, he lost his lawyer’s license in 2006 after representing villagers in Taishi of Panyu district, Guangdong in their fight against illegal land seizures.

Tang is a Christian, in prison his Bible and one of his favorite books, Streams in the Desert, had been taken away, though he had been allowed to keep other books sent to him by his family.

Wang Yanfang, Tang’s wife, who left China for San Francisco in 2016. After his release from prison, Tang said he would not consider leaving China. “There’s still work to be done here,” he said.

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