Chinese tourists were visiting Melbourne can meet Falun Gong practitioners and Tiudang volunteers raising awareness about the persecution of the practice in China.

Many of the Chinese tourists who learned about the brutality and injustice of the persecution chose to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations to denounce the CCP and its crimes.

In February 2019, Mr. Liu was busy telling passersby about the persecution with a poster in his hands. A man walked up to him and asked if he was being paid to do this task. Mr. Lui answered he volunteered to do this in his spare time: “We want people to know about the persecution and see the evil nature of the CCP”. The man nodded and began to read the poster in Mr. Liu’s hands. After he was done reading the poster and asking questions, Mr. Liu suggested that he quit the CCP. The man agreed to do so without the slightest hesitation.

A woman once told Mr. Liu that the CCP was kind enough to give her a pension so that she could travel during her retirement. Mr. Liu explained that the money came from taxes paid by honest hardworking people like her children, not the CCP. 

He also told her that there were too many corrupt CCP officials in China, one day the CCP would have to pay for the crimes it had committed against its people, and that whoever had joined its affiliated organizations would be held responsible for its wrongdoings. The woman accepted Mr. Liu’s suggestion to quit the CCP affiliated groups she had joined.