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Australia: Mainland Chinese Tourists Quit Communist Organizations



The New Year celebrations in Melbourne, Australia attracts crowds of people each year with the promise of colorful fireworks that brighten the night sky and welcome in a brand new year.

Falun Gong practitioners and Tuidang volunteers were present on New Year’s eve near the city plaza pedestrian area.

volunteers were present on New Year’s eve near the city plaza pedestrian area.

Ronan is a college student originally from Ireland. He and his wife Maria were drawn to the exercise movements and music. They asked many questions about Falun Gong and the persecution.

They signed a petition urging the Australian government to speak out against the persecution in China. Ronan said that freedom of belief was a basic right and that the persecution was beyond comprehension. Ronan said, “We didn’t know about the persecution but it is horrible and should be stopped.”

Ms. Liu, a volunteer, came across several young men from China. Initially indifferent, they listened to Ms. Liu explain Falun Gong and the persecution, and then quit the Chinese communist organizations they had joined while in China.

Ms. Liu said that one of the boys asked her if she was Chinese. She responded, “Yes, I’m Chinese and proud of it. Our 5000-year culture is so profound. However, China is not the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Those 5000 years are not the CCP’s years. Chinese people have the right to uncensored information.”

The young man then asked her a lot of questions about things, such as the Tiananmen Square self-immolation. He learned that it was a hoax set up by the CCP to frame Falun Gong practitioners and justify the persecution. He eventually chose to quit the Young Pioneers, a communist organization he had joined in elementary school.

Around a dozen other Chinese also renounced their memberships in CCP organizations they had joined, and entered the New Year with hope for the future.

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“What these events tell us, Li wrote, is that a monumental change is taking place in China, and that the economic, financial, cultural, and political spheres are undergoing a profound transformation—or, one could say, a profound revolution. It marks a return from ‘capitalist cliques’ to the People, a shift from ‘capital-centered’ to ‘people-centered.’ It is, therefore, a political transformation in which the People will once again be front and center, and all those who obstruct this people-centered transformation will be left behind.

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