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My Village’s Residents Agree with Falun Gong and Quit the Chinese Communist Party

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Tang Chao  |  Minghui

Falun Dafa keepsake in China. It says, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” (minghui)

About 700 people live in my village. After Falun Gong (also known as Falun Dafa) was first introduced in Changchun, Jilin Province, in 1992, about 70 of us started to practice it. Despite the persecution, about 40 of us refused to give it up.

After the persecution began, our village was one of the hardest hit in the region. From the elderly to children, almost all of us practitioners were detained or threatened at one time or another. Even those in their 70s were no exception.

But as time went on, other residents saw how we behaved and began to agree with Falun Gong.

When one resident went to the local police station to do paperwork, an officer asked him, “I heard there are many Falun Gong practitioners in your village. Is that true?”

“Yes,” came the reply. “And not only that, everyone likes them. If the police ever come again to arrest those practitioners, we won’t let it happen.” The officer asked, “Why not?”

This person then told him a story. It was winter, and about three or four feet of snow blocked the road. There were only two days left before the deadline to turn in their required allotment of grain, but the vehicle could not get out of the village because of the snow. If they missed the deadline, the village would be fined and their education funds would be cut. “Someone tried to take grain out by ox cart, but the cart got stuck in the snow. The driver beat the ox so hard to try to get it out that he almost killed the ox,” this person explained.

The Party secretary was so worried that he got on the village speaker system and called for all members of the Party and the Youth League to come out and clean up the snow. But no one showed up. Instead, Falun Gong practitioners, from teenagers to those in their 70s, all came out and cleared a path.

“When they were finally able to get the grain shipment out, everyone was happy and gave the practitioners a thumbs up. Just think about it: Why wouldn’t we thank Falun Gong?

“The Party secretary was also moved. He took a picture of the cleared road and said, ‘When we have money in the future, we will build a big house for [people to do the Falun Gong] exercises.

The officer smiled and didn’t say a thing.

At about that time, the village head showed up and began to talk with the police station director. He said the women did not do anything wrong. “Things will be just fine if you release them. If you detain them, what if all the Falun Gong practitioners in the village go to Beijing to protest?”

Soon afterward, all the women were released.

More than 90% Quit the Party Organizations

After the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party was published in 2004, a major movement to quit the communist party organizations started in China. That happened in our village, too.

One by one, they were willing to quit the communist party organizations. Some went to practitioners’ homes to do so, some brought their friends along because they wanted to do the same. The village Party secretary, too, agreed to quit the Party. One older man, who used to claim that he was “a hardcore communist” also agreed, saying, “It seems the Party is done for. I don’t want to stay with it any longer.”

Over 90% of the residents in my village have now severed their ties with the Party.

Police Officer: “Falun Gong Will Be Exonerated”

One day, someone hurried to the police station. “I saw a few practitioners giving out brochures in the market. How can you let that happen? Go get them!”

An officer laughed and assured him, “Calm down. It seems to me that Falun Gong will be exonerated pretty soon.”

A practitioner’s relative who witnessed this exchange said many police officers often read Falun Gong materials, know all about the persecution, and do not want to follow the persecution policy anymore.

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