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Nine-Year Anniversary of the Nine Commentaries: 150 Million people have Quit the Chinese Communist Party

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In November, 2004, the Chinese-language Epoch Times began publishing the editorial “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party”. The series immediately captured the attention of the Chinese people by uncovering the brutality and deceit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has used to control China. It sparked a social movement known in Chinese as “Tuidang”, which translates to “quit the Party”.
Today, marking the ninth anniversary of the Nine Commentaries’ publication, more than 150 million Chinese people have quit the Party by conducting the “Three Withdrawals”—that is, by renouncing their ties with the CCP and its affiliated organizations, namely the Communist Youth League and the Young Pioneers, via written or online statements.
Chinese civilization boasts a long history of 5,000 years and is steeped in a divinely-inspired culture. Today, Falun Gong practitioners in mainland China continue to promote the Nine Commentaries to inform people about how the CCP has destroyed the Chinese culture through violence and lies. As Chinese people become more aware of this, they are choosing a brighter future for themselves. Below are true stories about Falun Gong practitioners’ efforts to encourage people to quit the CCP.

Truth Clarification Reaches the Criminal Investigation Brigade and the National Security Quarters

On November 18th, 2017, reported about a female Falun Gong practitioner who delivered the Nine Commentaries to local governments, public security, courts, government agencies and more. These places are generally inaccessible to the public.
During the 2008 Olympics, all local Falun Gong practitioners in Beijing were monitored by police. Despite this, the lady delivered the Nine Commentaries as usual. On one occasion, she entered a building and distributed the materials level by level. Only later did she realize she had visited the building for the Criminal Investigation Brigade.
Once, she systematically distributed the Nine Commentaries materials by hanging them on doorknobs, two on each floor, reaching to the 28th floor. There were not enough materials to hang on every doorknob, so she returned another day to complete the task. She was able to evade the security guards present in the building. She later realized the building was home to the National Security Quarter.

A University Teacher Clarified the Truth to Students reported on November 18th, 2017 about a university teacher, a Falun Gong practitioner, who had been telling students about the truth of the situation for several years regarding the Communist Party and Falun Gong.
As one semester was concluding, this person wrote about the three withdrawals on a piece of paper and listed the CCP, the Youth League and the Young Pioneers on another, and asked the students to withdraw from these units. The procedure was discreet to ensure anonymity out of consideration for students’ safety, and students were able to use their real names or a pseudonym or nickname to quit. Out of more than 30 students, 12 withdrew their memberships.

“Do Not Take the Test, Do Not Join the Party”

One student at a university encountered a dilemma when she wanted to take an exam normally given to aspiring village officials. Being a Party member was a prerequisite, but she was not one. She consulted her teacher, asking whether to join the Party.
“Do not take the exam, nor join the Party. The CCP is too corrupt, and more than 150 million people have quit the Party in a nationwide movement,” her teacher advised.
The student replied she was a member of the student union (which has connections to the Party) in the past but had quit.
“You have done the right thing,” the teacher said. “However, it is best to completely sever your connection.” Finally, the student agreed to withdraw from the Communist Youth League.

“When You Quit the CCP, You Did the Right Thing”

When a young man was a university student, his classmate and his advisor asked him to join the Party on two separate occasions—he declined both times. However, when he began applying for jobs at the university, he was rejected again and again, as the prerequisite to have a job at all the faculties on campus was to have Party membership. He felt helpless. After getting his Master’s degree, he visited his teacher and shared about the problem
“When you quit the CCP, you did the right thing. The CCP uses the Party membership to control institutions such as colleges and universities, and this shows its evil nature. It controls people this way. Do not worry, you can find a different job,” his teacher said.
The student immediately gave up looking for jobs associated with colleges and universities, and eventually found a job in Beijing.

A Truant Student Quits the CCP

A Falun Gong practitioner, a teacher in at a university, had a student who often skipped classes. One day he talked to his student in his office to find out why.
“Teacher, my dad was seriously injured in a car accident and spent all the savings to save his life, but now he cannot do any work. My mom is also sick. I returned to school this year, but I have to work to pay my tuition,” the student said.
“I have a book for you to read, and you can return it to me after reading,” the teacher replied.
A few days later, the student found the teacher and said: “I read the book, but I did not give it back to you. I took it home and gave it to my mother.”
After the teacher told him that three withdrawals could ensure peace and security, he quickly agreed to withdraw from the CCP.

A New China Without the Communist Party

These stories demonstrate the CCP’s decline in popularity. As history undergoes tremendous changes, the CCP is on the eve of complete collapse, and its disintegration is the hope for China’s future.
The CCP has deceived many Chinese people, ever since the Cultural Revolution to the June 4th incident, to today’s widespread persecution of Falun Gong in China. Each time, it resorts to despicable means of well-honed deceitful tactics and propaganda.
Promoting the Nine Commentaries and the three withdrawals is, in essence, a contest between good and evil, and is a wake-up call to the consciences of the Chinese people. Chinese people at home and around the world are making a choice for their future.
The Global Service Center to Quit the CCP sincerely wishes all kindhearted Chinese people to have courage! Quit the Party to create a beautiful future for yourselves. ¬¬Let us begin a larger movement to quit the CCP, to create a new China without the Communist Party.

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