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Auckland, New Zealand Celebrate Over 280 Million Who Have Quit the CCP

Auckland, New Zealand Celebrate Over 280 Million Who Have Quit the CCP

A Falun Gong practitioner in Auckland  |  Minghui

Kerry Gore, a human rights lawyer, hopes the Chinese can regain their freedom (minghui)

Falun Gong practitioners and Tuidang volunteers brought their waist drums to their rally in Aotea Square in Auckland on September 23.
Tuidang (退党) literally means “withdraw from the Party”.  The Tuidang movement emerged shortly after the Chinese edition of the Epoch Times newspaper, based in New York, published theNine Commentaries on the Communist Party in October 2004—a series of editorials explaining the censored history and tyranny of the CCP. The Nine Commentaries describes how Chinese people have suffered numerous oppressive political campaigns and social upheavals under Party rule for over 65 years, resulting in an estimated 60 to 80 million unnatural deaths.
The event in Aukland was held to raise awareness of the suppression in China and to celebrate over 280 million Chineses who have quit the Chinese communist organizations.

“By violating basic human rights, including the freedom of belief and the freedom of speech, China has ignored the Universal Declaration of Human Rights agreed on in 1948; the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights; as well as the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights in 1966,” said human rights lawyer Kerry Gore.

He said he admired and thanked the Falun Gong practitioners who safeguard their belief despite the threat of illegal detention, torture, brainwashing, and even forced organ harvesting. He believes the Chinese communists will be phased out and the Chinese will regain their freedom.

Peter Hooton was shocked to hear about the forced organ harvesting in China. “If someone told me it happened 100 years ago, I would probably believe it. But we are living in the 21st century—how can anything like that be allowed?” He suggested that international laws banning organ tourism in China be implemented. “We have to stop killing innocent people. And I wish I could help more on this,” he added.

One woman stopped to observe practitioners doing the exercises. “It looks peaceful and beautiful. I could feel a strong energy.”

Having seen practitioners peacefully protest in front of the Chinese Embassy in Wellington, the woman said she was impressed by their efforts, “They [practitioners] are messengers of peace. I really mean it.”

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“What these events tell us, Li wrote, is that a monumental change is taking place in China, and that the economic, financial, cultural, and political spheres are undergoing a profound transformation—or, one could say, a profound revolution. It marks a return from ‘capitalist cliques’ to the People, a shift from ‘capital-centered’ to ‘people-centered.’ It is, therefore, a political transformation in which the People will once again be front and center, and all those who obstruct this people-centered transformation will be left behind.

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