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Don’t say anything bad about Falun Gong


A Tuidang volunteer, Zhejiang Province, China  |  Minghui 

A Tuidang rally (Eric Sun/The Epoch Times)

When I chatted with my coworker about Falun Gong, he told me a story that happened before I arrived at work. He was patrolling with the former security captain and found a middle-aged lady carrying a backpack and distributing Falun Gong fliers door to door. The captain knew that she was a Falun Gong practitioner and tried to call the police. My coworker told the captain, “They don’t break the law. Let’s just turn a blind eye to it.” After the captain heard these words, he stopped in his tracks.

I asked him, “You’ll get a reward if you call the police, so why not do it?” He said, “I would not want that money no matter how poor I was. She was not stealing or robbing, and just wanted to pass out some information. It is the same as those who pass out advertisements. Those people haven’t broken any laws.”

I invited him to walk and talk with me.  In the past, I talked about the benefits of Falun Gong, so he knew some of the facts. But this time, I went into greater detail. He agreed to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations.

On the following day, he came to work, looking happy. Then he asked me many questions. I showed him how to do the exercises and also lent him a copy of Zhuan Falun.

However, when his family found out that he was interested in practicing, they criticized him. His wife threatened to divorce him, so he gave up.

Even he didn’t practice, if he hears anyone saying something negative about Falun Gong, he addresses their misconceptions. He told them that Falun Gong practitioners have been wronged in the persecution and went on to say that people who smashed Buddha statues during the Cultural Revolution eventually faced retribution.

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