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International Voices Laud Tuidang, Look to a Free China

International Voices Laud Tuidang, Look to a Free China

This article was first published on July, 23th, 2013
Angela Wang  |  Epoch Times

WASHINGTON—A movement often called China’s path to freedom has caught the attention of many at a rally held on Capitol Hill on July 13.
Called “Tuidang,” meaning “quit the party” in Chinese, it has inspired 100 of million Chinese from all walks of life to renounce the Communist Party through statements made in public or online on the Tuidang website.
“This movement was started in 2004 to end the persecution inflicted upon Falun Gong by the Communist Party,” said Yi Rong, president of the Global Service Center for Quitting the Chinese Communist Party in New York, at the rally.
“Thanks to this spiritual awakening, many changes are happening in China today. People realize that the persecution [of] all Chinese people will be ending. Chinese people are stepping out to fight for their freedom and human rights.”
Ms. Yi’s organization is run by volunteers who are dedicated to supporting Chinese people both in and outside of China to participate in the Tuidang movement.
Prior to the rally, Edward McMillan-Scott, Vice President of the European Parliament responsible for Democracy and Human Rights, issued a proclamation in honor of Tuidang. “[The] Tuidang movement has brought to the international community a renewed vision of a world without communism through a peaceful and spiritual movement,” said the proclamation.
Faith McDonnell, the Director of Religious Liberty Programs and of the Church Alliance for a New Sudan, commented that the Tuidang movement will soon help unwind communist control of China.
“Hallelujah! The movement is sweeping China. How did they learn that? They learned the truth from the book ‘the Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party,’” McDonnell said. “Thank you for speaking the truth. May you contribute to grow and be blessed in your knowledge of the truth.”
“The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party” was a special editorial series first published by The Epoch Times in Chinese in November 2004, and provides a true history of the historical crimes committed by the Chinese Communist Party against the people.
The introduction reads: “Traditional faiths and principles have been violently destroyed. Original ethical concepts and social structures have been disintegrated by force.
Empathy, love, and harmony among people have been twisted into struggle and hatred. Veneration and appreciation of the heaven and earth have been replaced by an arrogant desire to ‘fight with heaven and earth.’”
The “Nine Commentaries” have now been translated into 32 languages. Although the book is forbidden by the CCP, copies of it are secretly produced and distributed widely.
Suzanne Scholte, president of Defense Forum Foundation, praised Falun Gong practitioners’ efforts in helping the Chinese people free themselves from communism.
“Because the Chinese people know that China will never be a great and peaceful nation if the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) remains in power. This is what… millions declared as part of ‘Tuidang’ in 2004. Now over 100 million has joined that movement as a result of the courage of Falun Gong,” Scholte said. “As a Christian, I’m inspired by your resolve to respond to these crimes with peaceful means and steadfast advocacy. We must stand together against this injustice and defend the rights of all citizens in China.”
“I want to take this opportunity to bring your attention to the fact that the CCP is dying. The Tuidang movement is bringing freedom to the Chinese people as it did to East European countries and the former Soviet Union,” Yi Rong added. “The Communist Party is living on borrowed time. Communist Party leaders are leaving the country, fearing that their days are numbered.”
Ms. Yi called on the international community to support the Chinese and the Tuidang movement at China’s critical point in its history.
Congressman Dana Rohrabacher shared a story that perhaps sheds light on the near future of China.
“Many of you know that I was a speechwriter for Reagan,” he said. “I remember when Reagan said to Gorbachev about the wall, he said ‘tear down this wall.’ It did not take an army, we didn’t have a war with the Soviet Union. But we had people like Ronald Reagan and you who are expressing the morality of freedom and doing so aggressively. That’s what changed the world. That’s what destroyed communism without killing people in the Soviet Union. We will tear out the wall of tyranny and evil that stands between good people and the goodness of the universe.”

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