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This article was published first on June, 3rd 2015

Xiong Yan was arrested and jailed for 19 months without a trial after the Tiananmen Massacre [photo/Xiong]
Xiong Yan was arrested and jailed for 19 months without a trial after the Tiananmen Massacre [photo/Xiong]
 Xiong Yan is passionate about his homeland China even though he is on its most-wanted list.
A student leader, he was one of the pro-democracy protesters who flocked to Tiananmen Square in central Beijing on the evening of June 3rd thru June 4th 1989.
“I saw the imperial soldiers open fire randomly and shoot at people on the street. And one person, a big man, a young man, was hit by the chest, blood gushing.”
Xiong together with other students carried the wounded man onto the back of a bicycle-rickshaw and rushed him to the nearest hospital. Not knowing how to stem the bleeding, they were left feeling helpless, and upon arrival at the hospital they were confronted with a scene of utter chaos. Outside the hospital lay many bodies, with stunned hospital staff frantically dashing to and fro.
As a young college student Xiong majored in Communist ideology. He had no qualms about being a member of the communist party. As he explained, it was expected, especially if one had displayed leadership skills. However, when he went on to study at Beijing University he chose philosophy of law. This was very different to the communist ideology he knew, and it opened his eyes.
“When I went to Beijing in 1986, I learned philosophy law, many books on western law, oh my god, so we understand the congress [communist] theory is false, is a fake, is a lie, is a propaganda.”

June 4 Massacre at Tiananmen

The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, also known as the Tiananmen Square Massacre and the June 4th Incident, were a series of demonstrations spearheaded by almost one million Chinese, mainly students, between April 15, 1989 and June 4, 1989.
On June 4 Chinese troops and security police stormed through Tiananmen Square, firing indiscriminately into the crowd of protesters. Thousands were killed, with around 10,000 arrested. Many fought back, overturning military vehicles, and tens of thousands attempted to escape the onslaught.
When communist authorities turned on the students at Tiananmen as punishment for expressing their minds, and ordered tanks and police to open fire, it shook Xiong to the core. This harsh reality made him adamant to cut all ties he had to the communist party, even at a tremendous risk to his own life.
“After the massacre exactly, 1989 June 4th, lunchtime, I quit (the CCP), I put a post in Beijing University Campus.”

Written withdrawal from Xiong in 1989 (photo/Xiong)
Written withdrawal from Xiong in 1989 (photo/Xiong)

His post read: “Revenge”, “Give up the illusion!” and “Get ready to fight!”
And his written resignation: “I announce to quit the Chinese Communist Party, and disengage from it from now on! “
After the massacre Xiong was jailed for 19 months without a trial. Released in January of 1991 he fled China in June of 1992. Forbidden from ever setting foot in China he has, since, made the United States his new home. He joined the U.S armed forces and is still on active duty today.
“When I came here…in 1992, I want to be a US army soldier, I want to join the army, I want to get some training so some day I can go back to China and fight!
Fight for democracy… that was my motive that year…to get ready.”
In 2005, Xiong had just returned from being deployed in Iraq when he learned about a new movement: “Tuidang” which literally means in Mandarin Chinese “To quit The Chinese Communist Party.”
“When I heard that I was wow! That is a good idea! I really know that this is the best thing to do – to withdraw from the communist party for the Chinese society for the future…that is a wonderful movement.”
Xiong should know – he may have been the first to withdraw from the communist party back in 1989 before Tuidang became a movement.
Nowadays, when Xiong visits cities around the U.S and sees Tuidang volunteers passing out literature about the movement’s cause and accomplishments, he always stops to show his support.
“We know, that someday, China will undergo a big change and the people will overthrow the communist party. That is why we all really, really support the Tuidang – quit the CCP movement.”
Xiong has passionately pledged loyalty to his new American home, but his heart is still set on freeing his beloved homeland, China. He believes the world of today is a global village, and as such, it calls for the disengagement from tyranny and the support of democracy. His first-hand experiences in 1989 helped him understand what the CCP truly stood for, how evil its nature was, and how it negatively affects whomever it touches.
“Now it is the time, it is the best time to end the One-Party-Autocracy of the Chinese Communist Party. The CCP is the disaster of the world, and now more and more people have realized this.”
[Xiong Yan (Chinese: 熊焱) is a China-born naturalized American. He was a dissident involved in Tiananmen Square protests of 1989. Xiong Yan studied at Beijing University Law School from 1986–1989. He came to the United States of America as a political refugee in 1992, and later became a chaplain in U.S. Army, serving in Iraq. Xiong Yan is the author of three books, and has earned six degrees.]

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