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The man behind the vests


Lori Harel  |  Tuidang Center
Published on 15th August 2015

Michael Chu, founder of Flushing neighborhood-watch organization (FNW)

Michael Chu formed a Flushing neighborhood-watch organization (FNW) in May 2010. As team leader, Chu wears a beige vest and leads 10 volunteers around the Queens Chinatown streets weeknights at 8 pm. They blow a whistle and call 911 should any local disturbance erupt.
Printed on the FNW beige vests, in large print, are the words “Safety” and “Help”.
Chu is also the Council and Chairperson for the Flushing-based Chinese Anti-Cult World Alliance organization. (CACWA). He wears a red vest with yellow lettering when he goes out on the streets to spread slanderous-literature about Falun Gong.
The practice of Falun Gong is a traditional Chinese meditation discipline. It is respectfully practiced freely around the world except in China; where it has been outlawed by the Chinese communist party and persecuted since 1992.
When leading CACWA group members they are aggressive and, at times, violent towards Falun Gong practitioners; the same Flushing community residents Chu aims to protect while leading FNW.
Falun Gong is singled out and given death-threats; at times they are pushed, shoved, yelled at, and physically attacked. If safety is what Michael Chu is preaching, he is not providing it to everyone in the Flushing community.
Chu Leads Hate Organization Targeting Falun Gong
Of the nine titles on Michael Chu’s business card, one of the most intriguing says that he is the Council Chairperson for the Chinese Anti-Cult World Alliance (CACWA). This is a New York nonprofit organization registered in Sept 2008 with the same mission as the Chinese Anti-Cult Association (CACA) in Beijing, which is one of the three pillars of the persecution of Falun Gong in China.
CACWA hands out defaming and misleading information about the spiritual practice. They stir fear among the Flushing Chinese community and incite hate towards local Falun Gong adherents.
Recently, Chu met with officials from the 109th precinct to discuss patrolling Flushing Chinatown together. FNW asked for police uniforms instead of their beige vests. No matter what clothing he wears if Chu is allowed to wear official uniforms then, hate will be represented by the police. Chu’s supporters have attacked Falun Gong and Tuidang volunteers numerous times.
Examples of hate incidents
On January 16, 2015 – CACWA promoter Hongjuan Wan knocked materials off the Tuidang table located at 41-28 Main Street and said, “You can call the police. We have people in the police station. I am going to eradicate all of you within three months. You are even worse than dogs. I’ll strangle all of you to death.”
Later that day Wan Hongjuan walked near the entrance of the New World Mall and Gao Jinying heard her say, “I’ll finish you; I’ll dig out your hearts, livers and lungs. Someone will kill you.”

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