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Gao Zhisheng’s Account of Torture Available in English


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Book written by persecuted rights attorney Gao Zhisheng, noe also in English
Book written by persecuted rights attorney Gao Zhisheng, now also in English

Midland, Texas – On the eve of an important event honoring the sacrifice of numerous prominent human rights lawyers, China Aid is pleased to announce the availability for purchase of a book written by persecuted rights attorney Gao Zhisheng.

Written in secret and kept away from officials who closely monitor him, Gao Zhisheng’s book, Unwavering Convictions, chronicles the 10 years of torture the lawyer experienced for defending sensitive cases and forecasts the hopes he has for China’s future.

The manuscript was smuggled out of the country by China Aid, who partnered with the Taiwan Association for China Human Rights to make the book available in Chinese in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The book was picked up for publication in English by the American Bar Association and the Carolina Academic Press. The forward was written by former Vice President of the European Parliament Edward McMillan-Scott. Additionally, retired Representative Frank Wolf and China Aid president Bob Fu endorsed it.

This title is available for purchase through the Carolina Academic Press.

In order to honor human rights lawyers China Aid was hosting an invite-only event at the Library of Congress on January 31, entitled, “Worsening Religious Freedom and Rule of Law in China: What does that mean to the United States and Free World?” This occasion marked China Aid’s 15th anniversary of helping persecuted Christians and celebrated the efforts of Chinese human rights lawyers, which often come at great personal cost. Several of the lawyers intended to be present and afforded the opportunity to speak about these conditions.

Other notable guests include Senator Marco Rubio, Representative Mike Conaway, Representative Chris Smith, Representative Randy Hultgren, Representative James McGovern, retired Representative Frank Wolf, retired Representative Beau Boulter, Dr. Carl Gershman, President of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), USCIRF’s Vice Chair and Commissioner, Jim Zogby, President of World Uyghur Congress Rebiya Kadeer, blind self-taught lawyer Chen Guangcheng, Attorney Mike Donnelly, Christian Solidarity Worldwide CEO Mervyn Thomas, Advocacy International CEO Brent McBurney, Secretary General of World Evangelical Alliance Bishop EF Tendero, former Permanent Representative to the United Nations for World Evangelical Alliance Deborah Fikes, Washington Institute president Dr. Steve Garber, and more.

During the event, seven human rights lawyers nominated by China Aid’s board of directors will be awarded the 2016 Courage Award for Defense of Religious Freedom in China for their tireless bravery. The recipients are:

  1. Lawyer Li Baiguang
  2. Lawyer Zhang Kai
  3. Lawyer Gao Zhisheng
  4. Lawyer Li Heping
  5. Lawyer Li Chunfu
  6. Lawyer Jiang Tianyong
  7. Lawyer Tang Jingling

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