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Stories of Quitting the CCP at San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf


Jia Wei  |   Minghui

Chinese tourists at at San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf (minghui)
Chinese tourists at at San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf (minghui)

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been severely persecuting Falun Gong (also called Falun Dafa) since 1999. In China, the CCP uses strict internet and media censorship to conceal information about the persecution of Falun Gong, and at the same time it spreads lies and slander with its state controlled media to deceive the public. When Chinese people travel abroad, it is an opportunity for them to learn about the things their government is hiding and deceiving them about. 

Falun Gong practitioners in San Francisco have been telling Chinese tourists at Fisherman’s Wharf about the CCP’s persecution of Falun Gong rain or shine since 2013.  In that time, 42,000 Chinese people from all walks of life have chosen to join the Tuidang Movement and quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and affiliated organizations at this popular tourist spot.

Chinese Police Officer vows: I Will Quit My Job as Police Officer

One day, a middle-aged Chinese man listened to practitioners’ speech from a public-address system for a while, and then approached a display board to read it. A practitioner gave him a card with information about how to break through the CCP’s Internet blockade. He asked the practitioner if the information on the display was all true. The practitioner answered “yes,” and told him her own personal experience with the persecution. She further explained the CCP’s Self-Immolation Hoax, and how the CCP was harvesting organs from a large number of living Falun Gong practitioners. The man kept nodding his head.

The practitioner asked him, “Have you heard about the quitting the three communist organizations? The CCP is doomed. Don’t be buried with it. Have you quit these organizations?” The man said he hadn’t. He was a member of the Communist Party and a police officer. The practitioner suggested, “Would you like to quit using a nickname?” He happily agreed. Looking at his nickname, he said, “It’s a great name. Yes, please quit for me using this name. I have finally learned how wicked the CCP is! I will quit my job as a police officer when I return to China.”

Mr. Han, a volunteer who helps the Chinese tourists join Tuidang and withdraw from the communist organizations, recounted that when the truth clarification at Fisherman’s Wharf was first established, many Chinese tourists weren’t friendly toward Falun Gong practitioners due to  the CCP’s slanderous propaganda. Some Chinese tourists even cursed at them or secretly took pictures from their buses. After years of persistent truth clarification, more and more Chinese tourists have learned about the brutal persecution by the CCP. Many cry out in support upon coming across the practitioners.

Tour Guide: You Are Truly Nice!

Mr. Han said that some tour guides had misunderstandings about Falun Gong at first. They used to prevent their tour groups from talking to practitioners. But they eventually learned more about the truth over the years and changed their attitudes. Some tour guides now greet practitioners every time they see them, and some lead their groups to restaurants close to Falun Gong practitioners so that the tourists can have a chance to find out about the CCP’s human rights abuses and learn about Tuidang.

A woman tourist asked Mr. Han one day, “I’m lost from my group. Could you help me find them?” Mr. Han said, “Sure!” Since she didn’t have a phone, Han called the tour guide, but there was no answer. He called the travel agent, asking the agent to contact the tour guide. The guide eventually called Mr. Han, and asked him to tell the woman to wait there for him to pick her up. The woman was so thankful. Mr. Han told her how the CCP had slandered Falun Gong, and about his personal experience with the persecution. The woman finally realized she had been deceived by the CCP. She happily quit the communist organizations she had joined before.

The tour guide arrived, and thanked Mr. Han. He said, “I often pass here. I know you are truly nice! I appreciate all you have done!”

Entire Families Quit Communist Organizations

Mr. Han witnessed many families who had previously believed the CCP’s slander about Falun Gong eventually learn the truth and choose to quit all their memberships in the communist organizations.

One time, a family of three passed by the booth. Mr. Han handed them a flyer. The man turned a cold shoulder. The woman and her daughter were too scared to talk. They left together, but came back to the area for lunch. The daughter asked Mr. Han for the directions to Chinatown. Mr. Han told her how to get there by bus in detail, and suggested a couple of other tourist spots nearby. The girl was very happy after chatting with him. Mr. Han talked to her and exposed the CCP’s slander about Falun Gong and explained that Falun Gong is practiced freely in over 100 countries. He presented evidence about the CCP’s self-immolation hoax, and about the CCP using Falun Gong practitioners and other prisoners of conscience as bank of live organ donors. He helped the girl quit the Young Pioneers with her agreement, and wished her a safe journey. The girl told her parents about her conversation with Mr. Han. They were very touched. The man approached Han to get more introductory materials. Both the husband and the wife quit communist organizations, and left happily.

There are countless stories like this. Mr. Han said many Chinese tourists take flyers by themselves now, and enjoy talking with practitioners. More and more are seeing clearly the persecutory nature of the CCP, and are choosing to withdraw from the communist organizations.

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