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A gambler encouraged into quitting the CCP


Lori Harel | Tuidang Center

Gambling at Atlantic city casino (

Mrs Fang, A Tuidang volunteer, was on her way to a Tuidang table on Main Street Flushing when she saw a man, waiting on a bus that takes people to casinos in Atlantic City.
Smoking a cigarette, he was crouched in a common posture Chinese man use waiting for a bus.
It was Monday, Chinese New years 2016.
Fang saw him and felt compelled to talk to him so she approached him and struck a conversation.
She asked if he ever signed up and joined any of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) affiliated organizations.
He was wondering why she was asking him about that.
She told him there were predictions, old and new, that indicated the CCP will soon to collapse. The CCP has done so much harm to China since it took it over. The CCP killed millions of Chines people and not just in war times. Made the Chinese people struggle with each other, fight among families, neighbors, and friends. They always singled out one group, then another, and rewarded for reporting on that group to the authorities. The latest being Falun Dafa practitioners who believed in truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance which were wonderful principles to live by. Falun Dafa was a group of good people who did not deserve to be persecuted by the CCP.
He agreed and told her he had joined the young pioneers as a child.
He told her that, coming from a poor family, he was never able to afford higher education, and therefore, never joined the youth league. Without education he was of no value to the CCP to be asked to join them either.
“Since the CCP will collapse and you have pledged your loyalty to them as a young child, you should cut your ties to them so you can have a good future- unattached to this bad entity, “ said Fang.
“Why are you worried about me, I am a bad guy,” he said.
“What make you a bad guy? Why do you think you are bad?”
“All I want is just to go to the casino and gamble. That is why I am a bad guy.” He said.
“You are not a bad guy just a guy with a bad habit” said Fang.
“Gambling is a bad habit, that is all, and a habit can be changed. As long as inside you, your true nature is good; you mean no harm to people and don’t hurt people. You just need to be persistent and let your true good nature come out.” Fang said.
The man, who was still crouching and smoking his cigarette, got up and tossed his cigarette. He was looking at Fang.
“I’d like to quit the young Pioneers, my name is Huang.” He said. “And thank you.”

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