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The Tuidang Nightingale Sings her Heart out in Chinese

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Lori Harel  | Tuidang Center

A Chinese painting   (
A Chinese painting of a nightingale bird (

Tuidang volunteer Ms. Xi sings her heart out in Chinese. Her sweet soprano voice resonates, carries, and draws the people to her. They come to stand next to her and strike up a conversation.
She was singing outdoors in Liberty State Park, a New Jersey park facing Manhattan, when a Chinese tourist came over and told her that many tourists were wondering where the voice was coming from. They had thought her voice came from Manhattan.
“I am glad you found me,” she said. “It’s our opportunity to talk about the situation in our homeland.”
The man was in his late 50s and they spoke about how morals and values have degenerated in China throughout the years. The CCP (Chinese communist party), through controlling China by creating struggle and conflict for China’s population, has made Chinese people become unkind and immoral.
“I agree that we need to act like the true and kind people we used to be,” said the man.
“Quit the CCP then,” she said.
The man did not remember joining any of the three CCP organizations.
“You had surely raised your fist and swore loyalty to the CCP’s red flag just like all other small school children. You just forgot,” she said, “and as long as you are a member of that immoral CCP, you strengthen their power.”
“I’ll quit the CCP, right now!” he said.

Singing on Main Street

In Flushing Chinatown Main Street, New York, Ms. Xi sang. A man waiting for a bus was listening for a while and then ran across the street to her.
“You sing so beautifully,” he said.
“What I sing are songs of Falun Gong,” she said.
“I have seen a large group of Falun Gong practitioners in a parade, it was spectacular,” he said. “They were so nice, waiving and smiling to the crowds. I waived back to them because they made me happy,” he said.
But he did not know that Falun Gong (also called Falun Dafa), which had originated in China, was now practiced over 100 countries around the globe.
She asked if he had quit the CCP. He told her he did not because the CCP was, after all, the leader of China.
But that ‘leader of China’ has been persecuting Falun Gong since 1999 and it is only the CCP that is ruthlessly trying to eradicate this practice, which is based on Chinese traditional values. The CCP originated in Eastern Europe and was never a part of the true Chinese culture.
Why would he want to be part of it?
He agreed and asked her to help him quit the CCP.

She continues singing:

Truth Shines Like Light
Great Falun Dafa Way
Kindness Virtue is Right
Heaven protects kindness
Dignity protects life.
The virtue that’s inside
Is where your future lies.
Protect your life.
Renounce the CCP
Renounce the bloody flag.
Life’s a choice that’s free.

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