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She Quit the CCP while standing on the iPhone line


Lori Harel  |  Tuidang Center

Apple iPhone launch day (Flikr-wikimedia)

At New York City Grand Central Station, outside a 42nd street entrance, before dawn, a long line of people went down the block and around the corner. They had camped the night waiting for the Apple store to open so they could to be first to own the new iPhone.
A young Chinese woman, standing in line, noticed an Epoch Times distributor placing copies of the newspaper on a rack opposite the line.
“How come you work for this newspaper if you are Chinese? Isn’t it a Falun Gong newspaper?  Isn’t Falun Gong against China?” she asked him.
He smiled, “Falun Gong is very much for China,” he said, “the true China.”
The woman looked puzzled. The young distributor then spoke about the rich history of China, which was mainly ruled by dynasties and royal emperors dating back to 2100BC until the early 1900.
“The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began its rule over China in 1949,” he said, “so you see? The true China is not communist.”
Chinese people of ancient times used to believe in the heavens, gods, and divine beings. With CCP teachings they were expected to dishonor all they had believed in for centuries to only believe in the CCP.
The distributor continued to explain to the young woman that Daoism and Buddhism were a fundamental part of China’s ancient belief systems. Falun Gong teachings contained elements from Buddhism and Daoism, and therefore, Falun Gong practitioners honor, treasure, and cherish Chinese culture because they live their everyday lives according to teachings of ancient Chinese heritage.
The woman lowered her head and was quiet for a while. The distributor thought she had years of CCP propaganda in her mind and now she was reevaluating it and letting the truth clear out those deceitful lies, and he was happy for her.
This meant she was thinking for herself and able to overcome years of brainwashing. The CCP, throughout their years of controlling China, has managed to brainwash the Chinese people to such an extent– that many have forgotten their true heritage.
China and communism were wrongfully believed to be the same thing.
“The sooner the Chinese people realize this- the sooner they can be themselves again,” he said.
Morning came; the Apple store opened up, and they were letting 50 people go in at a time. An elderly Chinese woman then came to the Epoch Times rack to sell copies of the newspaper. The distributor and the young woman said their goodbyes.
The next time the distributor met the elderly woman she told him that the young woman he had spoken to on the iPhone line used her iPhone to go on the Chinese Epoch Times website and quit the CCP.

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