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Chinese officer (china uncensored scree shot)
A Chinese officer (china uncensored scree shot)

The first high ranking Party official in China convicted this year under President Xi Jinping’s so-called anti-corruption campaign was an individual named Li Dongsheng, a former deputy director of Public Security.

Most international media covered the official corruption charges and many stated how Li had links with China’s former security czar, Zhou Yongkang. On January 12, the Party’s version of a court gave Li a 15 year sentence.

Li was earlier removed from his position in 2013, and put under investigation by the Party’s disciplinary authorities. Many China watchers say that Li and Zhou’s demise are part of Xi’s purging of a political network established by former Party head, Jiang Zemin.

What didn’t get much media coverage was how Li was made the head of the 6-10 Office, a virtual Gestapo like organization, when he was appointed deputy director of Public Security in 2009.

The 6-10 Office is the kind of Party based organization that the Chinese regime prefers not to talk about publicly, mainly because it was created to enforce the regime’s ongoing persecution of the peaceful Falun Gong spiritual practice. The 6-10 Office’s name itself is taken from the date it was formed, June 10, 1999, the same year that the persecution began.

Being secretive also allows the 6-10 Office to employ “methods that are technically illegal under Chinese law,” stated a 2011 brief by Freedom House.

“Various credible sources describe 6-10 Office agents directly participating in extrajudicial killings, torture, sexual assault, and illegal confiscation of property,” the watchdog group said.

Watch a China Uncensored report about the 6-10 Office.

Initially Li’s first chief role in the 6-10 Office was being in charge of propaganda efforts against the popular meditation practice, including the staged self-immolation incident from 2001.

Li’s position was never formally announced, but it is believed he was given the title of deputy directorship of this extralegal Party task force early on during the persecution. As mentioned in the first video, the 6-10 has broadened its portfolio, and is targeting other spiritual groups not under the control of communist authorities.

As for why a Party organization was created to eradicate a peaceful group of regular Chinese folk who just want to meditate, it’s about enforcing “ideological compliance,” states Freedom House.

“Millions of Falun Gong practitioners place their moral teachings, revolving around Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance, as their spiritual compass. [Chinese Communist Party] leaders arbitrarily deemed these beliefs ‘heretical’ in 1999 and ‘transformation’ quickly became a key aim of 6-10 Office operations,” stated Freedom House who said that the organization has an estimated 15,000 officers in its ranks.

“Like ‘patriotic education’ tactics used in Tibet, the purpose of this ideological reprogramming is to break the will of subjects by coercing them — reportedly including physical and psychiatric torture, sleep deprivation, and manipulation of family members — to renounce Falun Gong, profess loyalty to the CCP, and ultimately participate in the forced conversion of others,” said Freedom House citing an August 5, 2001 report by the Washington Post.

As part of a 2010 United States House Resolution, American lawmakers condemned the persecution, and called upon the Chinese government to abolish the 6-10 Office.

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