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The increasing number of lawsuits against former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin, which amounts to over 200,000 as of December, 2015, has attracted much attention from the public inside China and overseas.    In Taiwan alone, nearly 100,000 signatures supporting the lawsuits were collected since July, and they were sent to both the Supreme Court and the Supreme in China.

“This Is Important and I Am Very Happy to Help”

When passersby’s were told about the lawsuits, there were many eager to help out and sign a petition supporting the lawsuits.
A middle-aged man watched for a while and then said: “I am from Mainland China and I will immigrate here soon.” He first signed a petition and then asked a volunteer to help him quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) organizations, “You are doing the right thing. Please keep it up,” he said.
Two young men in their 20’s walked by. One of them, a Mr. Li from Hunan Province, was hesitant to sign the petition: “I want to [sign the petition], but my mother is a Party secretary. If she hears about this, I will be in big trouble.”
“Please do not worry about this. Replied the volunteer, “Both your mother and you want a happy, peaceful life. But if one is associated with this regime that harmed tens of millions of innocent people, how could you or her have a safe future?”
Mr. Li signed the petition. His friend, Mr. Chen from Taiwan, also signed and said: “This is important and I am very happy to help.”

96-Year-Old Woman: “I Am Glad I Lived Long Enough to See This Happening”

Ms. Tsai, 96, and her family were taking a walk in the market, they stopped and asked a volunteer what was going on. “I am from Shanghai and my daughter-in-law is from Anhui. We know what’s going in China,” she signed the petition.
“I am glad I lived long enough to see this happening,” the woman said with a big smile.
A young couple signed the petition and continued talking about it as they walked away. “We should tell more people about this,” one said excitedly.

Taiwan Businessman: Helping to Sue Jiang Is Helping Ourselves

After reading the posters and pamphlets in detail, Mr. Wu wanted to sign the petition. But his wife stopped him. “You still have business over there. What if doing this [signing a petition] will get you into trouble?”
Seeing their hesitation, one volunteer explained to them that Jiang has undermined moral values in Chinese society by oppressing the innocent as well as being corrupt. “There have been many reports that Taiwan businessmen lost their fortune to the totalitarian regime. When nobody stands up to support the righteous, the society will be in chaos and disasters.”
Mr. Wu nodded and turned to his wife, “I think what she said makes sense. Helping this is also helping ourselves.” He signed the petition and said, “Jiang will be punished for his crimes. That is for sure.”