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Witness declares the Tiananmen Self-immolation a Hoax


One of the self-immolators, Wang Jindong (Epoch Times)
One of the self-immolators, Wang Jindong (Epoch Times)

In early 2001, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) staged a self-immolation of five people in Tiananmen Square. The state-run media then blamed it on Falun Gong. The same videotape that was broadcasted by the Chinese government has been analyzed by neutral observers and was proven to be a hoax. However, Chinese citizens were not aware it was a hoax.
When I met a business colleague who I knew as knowledgeable and a careful thinker. I asked him, “You work all over, visit many places, and have contact with lots of people. What do you know about the Tiananmen self-immolation story and Falun Gong?”
He smiled, “Falun Gong! I know more about the self-immolation story than most people. I was there when it happened.” His statement surprised me.
I continued with my observations of the videotape,“From watching the TV reports, which aired the Self-immolation incident, no tourists or locals were visible on camera. Besides the victims of the incident, only firefighters and armed police were there.”
“You are correct,” he said, “Tiananmen Square was sealed off before the incident took place. At the time I served in the army in Beijing. My army unit did the whole thing. It was not open to the public. There were no Falun Gong practitioners there.“
His statement made crystal clear that Falun Gong was framed.
“On the other hand, Falun Gong’s impact was too big. They had such strong group morale, even better than the army. How can the CCP tolerate such a group?” he said. Even though he, himself, had just confirmed that Falun Gong practitioners were not there and therefore were being framed and defamed, he was displaying the CCP’s mentality of being brainwashed by lies. He needed to be set free from that twisted thinking.
“If a government can endanger people, concoct, fabricate, and spread such a big lie to frame and persecute innocent people, how can it be trusted? Trust is the foundation of a nation. Without trust, what is the future of the country? What future will our children have?” I said.
His face crumpled in worry, “What can we do?”
“Only by restoring our conscience and traditional morality can the country and our children have hope for the future. Have you heard about quitting the CCP?” I asked him.
He said he heard about it, but did not understand why he should do so. After all he was a CCP member.
I explained, “When you joined the CCP you vowed to sacrifice your life for it. The CCP’s days are numbered. It will fall. What goes around comes around. When that day comes all CCP members will be in trouble. They will have to pay back for crimes they committed as CCP members. Only by withdrawing from the CCP can one avoid the same misfortune. So, maybe you need to make a statement to renounce the CCP.”
He wanted to quit the CCP.
“All you have to do to renounce the CCP is visit the Epoch Times website. I can even help you do it.” And so he did.
“Your quitting the CCP has saved you from its fate. You also need to tell your family about this and have them renounce the CCP for their own safety.” I urged him.
“Thank you! All my family members are Party members. I will definitely tell them about this.”

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