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Now that you are in the U.S it is your chance to learn the truth (Minghui)

When a man in his 40s came out of a tour bus with a small group of tourists, young Ms. Li walked towards him with a pamphlet in hand. Li volunteers at the  site where she helps Chinese tourists quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).
He glanced at the pamphlet and was about to take it. The pamphlet was about organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners. He then looked around at the other tourists standing next to him, and with a sheepish smile withdrew his hand and walked away.
“Please take it,” Li went after him.
“Now that you are in the U.S it is your chance to learn the truth,” she said.
He looked at her and looked back at the other tourists who were walking a few feet behind. She understood he wanted to talk to her without the others around.
“Do not loose your chance,” Li said again.
He walked faster, separated himself from the group, and then stopped. Li stopped next to him.
“Please take this pamphlet and read it carefully,” said Li. “You should not let go of a chance for having freedom to learn the truth.”
“I wanted to read it but I remembered an old classmate who was heavily persecuted by local government because he practiced Falun Gong,” he said.
“I understood your hesitance to talk about Falun Gong among people you may not know well,” Li said. “But you should educate yourself when you can.”
Other Tuidang volunteers then joined the conversation.
They talked about the treacherous nature of the CCP and how it was fraudulent.
The man remembered his classmate as soft-spoken and intelligent. He said he knew the CCP was deceitful because his classmate committed no crimes.
“Falun Gong is good,” Li said. “Falun Gong committed no crimes.”
In China, the state-run media spreads negative propaganda against the Falun Gong practice. A self-immolation incident in 2001 was fabricated by the CCP in its effort to turn public opinion against Falun Gong; later it was exposed as a hoax.
“I have no doubt the CCP is bad to the core, I want to quit the CCP,” said the man.
The volunteers helped him quit right then. He had made good use of his opportunity to learn the truth, be truthful to himself, and be free of the CCP.
With the contribution of Lori Harel, Tuidang center