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Part 1: Elderly Gentleman Attacked for Opposing Injustice

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<!–[CDATA[Lori Harel and David Tompkins  |  Tuidang Center

Zenxin Wang (right) was harassed by Huahong Li (left) from the Chinese Anti-Cult World Alliance (CACWA).

Around 1:00pm on October 12th, Mr. Zenxin Wang, a silver haired man in his 70’s, walked on Main Street in Flushing New York, when he saw a tall, stocky Chinese woman cursing a soft-spoken young man. Wang said to the woman,
“If you keep shouting and get very agitated, you will get high-blood pressure.”
The woman’s name isZenxin Wang שאאשבלקג נט Huahong Li from the Chinese Anti-Cult World Alliance (CACWA). The CACWA is a branch of the Chinese Anti-Cult Association (CACA) in Beijing, China. The CACA is one of three pillars that carry out the persecution of Falun Gong in China. The first is the ‘610 office’ that controls police and prisons that persecute Falun Gong practitioners. The second are the state-control media that broadcasts propaganda and incites hatred against Falun Gong. The third is the CACA that creates the propaganda and documents the methodologies used in persecuting Falun Gong. The CACWA was formed to eradicate Falun Gong in Flushing.
In an interview with the Tuidang Center a few weeks after the incident, Wang said, “She yelled at him, screaming in a very loud voice and said extremely bad words. I thought this was not fair…she kept yelling, and kept pointing at the guy’s face and the guy did nothing, just said something in a very soft voice, and didn’t even dare look at her.”
That soft-spoken man is a Falun Gong practitioner. Wang is not. But he felt that he had to speak up for that humble man.
The woman turned to Wang, in her red shirt and red baseball cap, cursed at him, and told him he should die soon.
Wang said, “You can’t treat people like this. This is America, not China.”
Li walked towards Wang with her finger pointing at his nose. She screamed at him. “You must have died many times before, that’s why you know”.
Wang felt threatened. Li grabbed his jacket collar squeezing his neck and pushed him against a storefront wall. She held him there by his collar and would not let him go.
The slender Wang tried to peel away her fingers and release himself from her grip but she held him even tighter. It was hard for him to breathe.
Hexiang Bian, a local businessman, had been watching the incident unfold. Bian watched as Li called somebody and said, “You guys come quickly. I am holding one Falun Gong guy.”
CACWA members harass anyone who says something positive for Falun Gong practitioners, even referring to them as Falun Gong practitioners themselves.
While still holding Wang by the collar with one hand Bian heard the woman then call the police and tell them that Falun Gong practitioners had attacked her.
Wang also called the police. He told her she could let him go, that he would wait for the police, but she kept holding him until the police arrived about 15 minutes later.
When the police came Li spoke to the Chinese police sergeant. The sergeant told Wang that they were going to arrest him and they took his identification. Bian and another witness stepped forward to explain what had happened.
In the end the police did not arrest Wang. A police report was filed for harassment against Li.
Previously, Bian had been attacked by Huahong Li and a CACWA mob in 2009. Please watch for Part 2: Local Businessman attacked for opposing Hate Campaign.]]>

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