Tuidang Center volunteer in Paris On February 20, the second day of the Chinese New Year holiday, over two thousand Chinese travellers visited the Eiffel Tower. Our Tuidang volunteers in Paris were ready to greet them and persuade them to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party, and its affiliated organizations for students, the Young Pioneers and Youth League. On one occasion, a young Chinese couple did not want to listen when a volunteer asked them if they wanted to renounce the CCP. The couple told the volunteer to stay away but a young boy in front of them said to the volunteer, “Help me quit.” The volunteer asked, “Are you in school?” “Yes, I joined the Young Pioneers. Help me quit,” said the young boy. “Okay. Let me give you a pseudonym,” said the volunteer. The little boy did not like the any of the names the volunteer proposed and said, “You can use Daoyuan (Long Road) for me.” “Good. I’ll help you quit the Young Pioneers using that name,” replied the volunteer. He then left to board his tour bus with his parents. A little while later, he got off the bus and went back over to the volunteer. He took a copy of Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, a book that describes the dark history of the CCP, and some other material, then went back to the bus. On another occasion, a volunteer spoke with a couple who quickly agreed to renounce the Communist Party and its affiliated organizations. Their young son who was behind them said, “I am a member of the Young Pioneers. Help me quit, too.” The volunteer responded, “Good boy. Let me give you a pseudonym and help you quit the Young Pioneers. Be true to yourself and have a safe future.” The boy nodded and smiled.]]>