1. Quitting the party at a New Year reunion A man renounced the CCP after attentively listening to Ms. Dong talk about the Tuidang movement. He then gave Ms. Dong another phone number, “Could you call me back at this number in five minutes?” When Ms. Dong called the number, she heard a lot of noise in the background. The man was celebrating Chinese New Year with his family and friends. He told Ms. Dong that she was on speakerphone and asked her to explain to everyone why they too should withdraw from the CCP. Six more people declared their withdrawals.

2. “Come visit me when you are in China”

A woman in Shanghai was happy to receive a Chinese New Year greeting and information about Tuidang from Ms. Dong. She gladly quit the Party after listening to Ms. Dong and said that she had heard about the movement before.Touched to find that Ms. Dong was calling from Canada, she said, “If you ever come back to China, you must come to Shanghai to visit. Call this number and I will pick you up from the subway.”

3. A couple records the conversation to share with others

A woman picked up the phone and warned Ms. Dong, “I get these kinds of calls a lot. I won’t listen to you.” However, she didn’t hang up the phone.

Ms. Dong told the lady about the connection between the CCP officials who were recently arrested and their active role in persecuting Falun Gong. Afterwards, Ms. Dong encouraged her to renounce the CCP.

Her husband took the phone and asked Ms. Dong to tell him more. When Ms. Dong talked about the Tuidang movement, the husband said that he’d heard of it before but didn’t think much about it. The wife asked Ms. Dong to keep talking and that she was recording the conversation so that she could play it for others. They asked many questions and finally the husband said, “This time we have decided to quit the Party. Thank you.”


sources: minghui.org