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Statements from Southern Mongolian dissident writer Huuchinhuu Govruud



Ms.Huuchinhuu Govruud (SMHRIC photo)
Ms.Huuchinhuu Govruud (SMHRIC photo)

The Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center (SMHRIC) has recently received two statements from Ms. Huuchinhuu Govruud. In these statements Huuchinhuu demanded the Chinese authorities to end their restrictions of her basic freedoms and those of recently released prominent political prisoner Mr. Hada, and to cease threatening their basic means of survival.
Huuchinhuu, also known as Gao Yulian, is a Southern (Inner) Mongolian dissident writer, activist, and member of the banned Southern Mongolian Democratic Alliance (SMDA). Huuchinhuu has authored several books and hundreds of essays detailing ethnic and human rights abuses of the Mongolian people in China and criticizing the oppressive Chinese  ethnic policy in Southern Mongolia.
In November 2010, Huuchinhuu was arrested by the Chinese authorities for rallying the Mongols via the Internet to cheer for the scheduled release of Mr. Hada. After nearly two years of extrajudicial detention, Huuchinhuu has been placed under house arrest in eastern Southern Mongolia’s Tongliao Municipality.
On November 28, 2012, Huuchinhuu was tried behind closed doors and pronounced guilty by the Tongliao Municipality People’s Court for “providing state secrets to a foreign organization,” according to her defense lawyer. Under tight surveillance by the Chinese authorities, Huuchinhuu is currently suffering from a loss of eyesight and chronic diseases.
The following is an English translation (by SMHRIC) of the two statements:
Protesting Tongliao Municipality Public Security Bureau’s Serious Violation of  Govruud Huuchinhuu’s (Gao Yulian) Civil Rights
I am Huuchinhuu (Gao Yulian), a resident of Tongliao Municipality. As the year 2015 began, the Tongliao Municipality Public Security Bureau gave me a thrilling demonstration of ways of violating citizens’ rights. My bank account containing a balance of only a little more than 200 yuan (approximately $32 USD) and 5,100 yuan (approximately $822 USD) living expenses transferred from my son through a friend has been frozen for no reason.
This egregious act by the Tongliao Municipality Public Security Bureau not only is a flagrant violation of laws and civil rights but also is a deliberate and inhumane treatment toward me as a patient who suffers from multiple illnesses.
In recent years, my eye problem has deteriorated along with many other chronic diseases, making it hard for me to make ends meet with my pension, let alone pay for my medical expenses. Under these difficult circumstances, the Tongliao Municipality Public Security Bureau’s trespass of my personal property and violation of citizen’s rights without prior notice and without legal justification has affected my daily life and medical treatment seriously. Not only did this throw me into a difficult situation in which my basic survival is threatened, but it also gave me a feeling of total disappointment regarding the future of China’s rule of law.
I strongly urge the Tongliao Municipality Public Security Bureau to stop violating my rights, release my bank account, and give me an explanation and apology.
Protestor: Citizen Huuchinhuu (Gao Yulian), 2015-01-03

To the relevant authorities handling Hada’s case:

Hada’s survival of his 19-year imprisonment has already inspired many Mongolian youths. However, the delighted fellow Mongolians’ foremost concern is Hada’s health and the degree of freedom that has been restored to him. All friends hope that his health can recover quickly so that he can breathe the air of freedom and adjust to the new social conditions entirely different from those of 20 years ago.
As a like-minded friend of Hada, my wish is not different from others’. On humanitarian grounds, I make the following recommendations to the relevant authorities:

  1. Admit Hada to a hospital capable of giving him proper medical treatment and accept financial responsibility for such treatment. If no authorities accept financial responsibility, then allow donation movements to raise funds for Hada’s medical expenses.
  2. Do not pressure Hada. Forcing citizens to report what they think is an illegal act used during the Cultural Revolution. Attempts to control one’s thoughts are always unreasonable.
  3. Considering Hada’s 19 years of disastrous experience, help Hada achieve a peaceful life in his later years by providing him adequate housing and medical care according to relevant policies.
  4. Remove any restrictions on Hada’s freedom of mobility and communication in order for him to cope with the environment quickly.
  5. Do not restrict Hada from contacting with friends and like-minded individuals. He is entitled to enjoy love and care from friends and loved ones.

I understand the abovementioned five recommendations not to infringe on or be restricted by any laws or regulations, and that they take into account the factors of social stability. As far as Hada’s past 19 years are concerned, I believe that in time history will give a fair judgment. Needless to say, the vast Mongolian population will feel a strong resentment if the leftist ideology continues to result in unfavorable conditions and fails to guarantee a peaceful existence to Hada. As a citizen and good friend of Hada, I make these recommendations with a view on both the public and Hada’s personal concerns. I will happily be available to provide further explanations to my recommendations.]]>

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