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We Cannot Let These Chinese Tourists Down”

We Cannot Let These Chinese Tourists Down”

By Tuidang Center

People from Mainland China traveling to Taiwan have access to information blocked by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in their homeland. By displaying posters and distributing materials, Falun Gong practitioners and Tuidang volunteers take the opportunity to inform these tourists why they should quit the party.

“You Have a Beautiful Smile”

Zhan Yuxia, a Tuidang volunteer in Taoyuan County, began coming to a tourist spot regularly six months ago. One day after Zhan mentioned quitting the CCP to a Chinese lady, the lady began to yell at her at a high pitch without stopping. Zhan reminded herself not be to be disturbed. When the lady paused, Yuxia said to her softly with a smile, “You know, I am here just hoping you could have a happy future.” Surprised by her words, the lady also grinned, “Yeah, we all want to be happy.”

“You have a beautiful smile, I like it.” Yuxia continued, “Have you joined the Party or its affiliates? How about quitting them for a better future?”

“Why not? Please quit the CCP, the Youth League, and the Young Pioneers for me,” the lady replied without hesitation.

National Palace Museum, posters telling about Falun Gong persecution (minghui)
National Palace Museum, posters telling about Falun Gong persecution (minghui)

Conversation with a Newly Released Prisoner

Sue, a Taipei practitioner, has been going to National Palace Museum every day in the past four years to talk to Chinese.

One day this summer she saw a husky tourist taking pictures, with tattoos all over his arms. She went up and greeted him, “Hi, you look very cool. Where are you from?”

“From prison,” the man replied with a straight face.

“Really? You must be joking.” said Sue.

“No, I am not kidding. I was recently released from prison.”

“I see,” Sue continued, “but you were in the CCP’s prison does not necessarily mean you are a bad person. The party put lots of good people in prison, too.”

The man replied with a conscious glance at her, “No, I am indeed a bad person.”

Sue did not seem to be bothered. Pointing at the poster in front of them, she said, “See, you can tell what is right and what is wrong, much better than those who torture innocent people.”

“You are right,” the man looked at the poster and answered, “The CCP is rotten.”

In the end, the man said he had joined the Young Pioneers and agreed to quit.

National Palace Museum is the first place where practitioners set up posters telling Chinese tourists about Falun Gong

“I Told Them the Museum Is Closed

Through the years, practitioners working for the Tuidang center have learned the importance of persistence. For example, they go to the touring sites regardless of the weather. Once the National Palace Museum was closed due to a typhoon, but a practitioner went there by motorcycle, despite the strong wind and storm. Upon arrival, she found over 10 tour buses were already there.

With another practitioner, they set up posters and began to tell these Chinese tourists about Falun Gong and the persecution. Within a short time, more than 30 tourists quit the Party.

When asked why these tourists came to the tour sites on such a stormy day, one tour guide said, “I told them the museum was closed, but these tourists decided to come anyway.” He said the tourists would return Mainland China that evening and they took lots of pictures at the museum.

Chinese tourists reading posters about Falun Gong (minghui)
Chinese tourists reading posters about Falun Gong (minghui)

Tour Guide: “Everyone Come Here, Take a Copy to Read!”

Falun Gong practitioners, volunteering at the Tuidang center in Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung and other major cities also visit tourist spots. “Very often the tourists are influenced by the tour guide,” one practitioner said, “We need to let the tour guides know the truth.”

One day she greeted a tour guide, who appeared expressionless and kept walking. The practitioner was not disturbed and continued talking. To her surprise, the tour guide came back after a few steps. He took an entire stack of Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and walked to the tourists, “Everyone come here, Take a copy to read!”

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