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Chinese Tourists Renounce Party Organizations Memberships in Paris

Chinese Tourists Renounce Party Organizations Memberships in Paris

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Despite the cold weather, a large number of Chinese tourists are still visiting various tourist sites in Paris every day, often they run into Falun Gong practitioners volunteering at Tuidang center. They offer information not accessible in China.
As they go about shopping, dining, or taking pictures, these tourists chat with practitioners and learn about Falun Gong and the bad deeds committed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)

After realizing the importance of separating themselves from the CCP, many Chinese are quitting its various organizations.

Chinese tourists look over Falun Gong's' posters near the Eiffel Tower in Paris (Minghui)
Chinese tourists look over Falun Gong’s’ posters near the Eiffel Tower in Paris (Minghui)

Tourists from Different Walks of Life Want to Quit the CCP

Practitioners have encounters with many different kinds of tourists. One of them was an older man who traveled with a tour group. Although practitioners greeted him, he did not respond; instead, he looked here and there curiously. As the tour group went into a building, he was the last to go in. After about half an hour, he came out and whispered to Wen, “Could you give me a copy of those materials? There were many people a while ago and I am afraid there were some spies among them.”
Wen handed him a copy and asked if he wanted to quit the CCP organizations. The man said, “Yes, please. Those of us living in Mainland China know how bad the situation is.” He then thanked Wen for his perseverance and went back in.
Many tourists said that they had heard the facts at other tourist sites, such as the U.S., Japan, and Hong Kong, and were glad to actually quit the CCP organization this time.

When practitioner Ms. Jun asked a tourist if he had quit the CCP organizations, he said he had already done it. “I received some materials in the past and quit the CCP myself in the Epoch Times newspaper website.” He said he liked to visit the Epoch Times and Minghui websites, and hoped that the CCP would fall soon.
“No, it is not us who want to destroy the Party. Because it has committed so many bad deeds, Heaven cannot allow it to exist any longer,” Ms. Jun explained.

Story of a Manchurian

Wen, a Tuidang volunteer, talked with a gentleman from Beijing about the atrocities that the CCP had committed against Chinese people. The man said, “I came from a Manchu family. My last name is Aisin Gioro, the same as the Manchu emperors. Our families suffered a lot because of the CCP.”

After hearing that Mr. Aisin Gioro wanted to quit the CCP organizations, Wen said a pseudo name could be used if he had concerns—after all, Heaven looked at a person’s heart, especially in such a harsh environment in China.
The man replied, “I am not afraid of the CCP and would rather quit the Party with my real name.”
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