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Is Instagram Blocked in China? Yes, but Not in Hong Kong; ‘Occupy Central’ Blocked on Weibo


Instagram has apparently been blocked in China following pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.
Reuters and the Verge suggest that China could have gone ahead with the block because photos and videos of the Hong Kong pro-democracy protest are flooding Instagram, which is accessible to those in mainland China.
Instagram hasn’t confirmed the block, according to Reuters.
Website monitoring services such as and show that Chinese mainlanders do not have access to Instagram.
China also appears to have banned the hash tag “Occupy Central” on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter.
Hong Kong users are presently unaffected by the ban.
According to Associated Press (AP) — Pro-democracy demonstrators defied onslaughts of tear gas and appeals from Hong Kong’stop leader to go home, as the protests over Beijing’s decision to limit political reforms expanded across the city early Monday.
“We don’t want Hong Kong to be messy,” Leung said as he read a statement that was broadcast early Monday.
“This is a long fight. I hope the blockade will continue tomorrow, so the whole thing will be meaningful,” said 19-year-old Edward Yau, 19, a business and law student.
In 1997, China took control of Hong Kong from the British and agreed to a policy of “one country, two systems”. It promised the city’s leader would eventually be chosen through “universal suffrage.”
Although students started the rally, leaders of the broader Occupy Central civil disobedience movement joined them, saying they wanted to kick-start a long-threatened mass sit-in demanding Hong Kong’s top leader be elected without Beijing’s interference.
The pastor at a church up the road from the biggest protests said he was keeping his church open and was “prepared for the worst,” with doctors and nurses standing by and promised the Church
will be open all night.

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