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From a “Slave Worker” in China to a German Engineer (Part 1)


guo jufeng

This story is about a “slave worker” who was forced to work for over 16 hours each day in Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) forced labor camps. After extreme suffering, he finally started a whole new life in Germany. Without being able to speak German, he became an electrical engineer for an international enterprise in only a few years. His journey from a “CCP slave worker” to a German engineer has attracted attention from multiple German media, and many people were moved by his story.
Guo Jufeng, a Falun Gong practitioner currently living in Dortmund, was a electrical engineer in Dalian, China. He had been illegally detained by the CCP in Dalian Labor Camp and Huludao Labor Camp, and Guanshanzi Labor Camp. Among them, Liaoning’s Guanshanzi Labor Camp, also called “the jaws of death” by the CCP judiciary, is as notorious as the Masanjia Labor Camp and “China’s Nazi concentration camp”. Guo experienced lives worse than pigs and dogs in those living hells.
Guo Jufeng:”I was kidnapped four times and had been detained in three CCP labor camps for 454 days in total. I was tortured in more than 20 ways. The police officer even put an electric baton over my neck for over 5 hours and all my neck skin burned out. In addition, I was forced into labor such as collecting vegetables, moving floor blocks, quarrying and producing diodes. The diodes weighed over 130 kilos. We worked for over 16 hours each day except time for meal and sleep.
The CCP’s labor camps have the worst living conditions, all kinds of tortures and tiny cell confinement that can drive people mad. Those things, along with extremely harsh labor had devastated Guo’s health.
Guo Jufeng:”I had been placed into tiny room confinement twice, totally for a month. The jailer back-handcuffed me beside the wall. I could only sleep on my arm at night. My arms quickly became numb as I slept on either of them in turn for a short while. I also needed to use my teeth to move my pillow, which was a shoe, from one side to the other for another round of nap. The jailer even opened the door in January. In northeast China it was minus 20 degree in winter. They attempted to freeze me with cold wind and snow.”
Despite that, Guo Jufeng refused to abandon his belief in Falun Dafa. Finally he risked his life to get freedom with a 24-day hunger strike.
Then in 2008, the CCP kidnapped tens of thousands of Falun Gong practitioners during Beijing Olympics. Guo was on a business trip in Germany at that time. He chose to stay in Germany to avoid being persecuted. Guo started his new life there. Guo said “he finally left the darkness and arrived at a place with sunshine,” and “he felt very happy with breathing fresh air.”
What motivated Guo Jufeng to surmount all barriers in language, identity, economy and culture, and finally become an electrical engineer for an international enterprise in Germany? We will tell you the story in the next episode.

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