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Help Me Quit!


Helen, a Tuidang volunteer in Brisbane, Australia, makes daily phone calls to China.
Her mission, in part, is to counter the Chinese communist propaganda by informing the people she speaks to about the actual facts regarding the Chinese Communist party (CCP). To those who answer the phone, Helen’s call may be the only opportunity to hear information based in factual reality.

As such a call may surprise the receiver, Helen takes the time to explain facts with kindness and patience. And due to her dedicated efforts, many people have taken action to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations over the phone. It is not easy work to bring about a new understanding in people, as some may challenge her and question her for more information.

In one particular case, Helen spoke to a woman on the phone who had difficulty understanding the truth. At first, the woman accused Helen of making trouble, and stated that the CPP identifies greatly now with traditional culture.

As many mainland Chinese have lost sight of what traditional Chinese culture is, Helen contrasts the essence of traditional culture, whose basis respects and worships Gods, values morality, propriety and ethics; to the CCP culture which advocates atheism, promotes struggle, and undermined human morality through many political movements that have killed over 80 million common people in its 60+ years of rule.

Not convinced, the woman tries to rebuff Helen by questioning her loyalty, “Are you still Chinese?” Helen answers the woman by pointing out that communism – an import from the West, is not the historical identity of China and the current regime has only caused great harm to China’s people and will eventually be brought to justice for its actions. Helen states, “China is not the Chinese Communist Party. We should all love our country, and we should quit the CCP which is harming our country as soon as possible! I call just to let you, one of the good people, be free of implication in the future!”

The woman, finally recognized the gravity of what Helen was saying and realized that Helen was truly considering her safety, she said happily, “Then, please help me quit!”

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