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Villagers’ Finger-Print-Signatures Shock Chinese government – Zhongnanhai

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petition for Falun Gong practitioner
According to Minghui website, Xin Tingchao was illegally sentenced to three years in prison by Chaoyang district court in Beijing last Dec. The court claimed Xin distributed a Shen Yun DVD as a gift to an elderly lady in June 2013. The DVD promotes Chinese traditional culture. On March 3, Xin was sent to Tianhe Prison in Daxing district, Beijing.
The report said Xin Tingchao has been held in prison for five months now. His family had visited him four times. The last visit was on July 14. On Aug. 15, his family members went to the prison to see him. but the prison officers told them that Xin was transferred to Jizhong Prison in Baoding, Hebei on July 29.
Xin’s family members went to Jizhong Prison on Aug. 19, officers told them they don’t have Xin Tingchao’s file. Later Xin’s family members went to Taihang Prison, officers there told them they don’t have Xin’s file, either.
On Aug. 22, Xin’s family members went to Tianhe Prison, again, an officer there said that he didn’t care why Xin’s gone missing. Xin’s family members went back to Jizhong and Taihang prisons, but officers told them Xin wasn’t there.
Xing Tianxing, US-based current affairs commentator: “If they plan to transfer a person to another prison, they should inform his family. When and where? who is in charge etc? The family hadn’t got any information. The prison officers only said Xin has been sent away. That’s all, they don’t take any further responsibilities. If this is the way they handle the case, even if they killed Xin, there is no way to find justice!”
Xin Tingchao is gone missing from prison, his family are very worried if he is still alive.
NTD Television reporter called Tianhe Prison on Aug. 28, they confirmed that Xin was transferred on July 29. However, as for the details of where Xin has been sent to, officers said they should ask Beijing Prison Management Bureau (BPMB).
Tianhe prison: “Regarding which prison he’s been sent to, it is decided by BPMB, we don’t know the details. We handed him over to management bureau, We normally don’t send people to an actual prison. Which prison, they decide.”
BPMB didn’t want to tell NTD reporter Xin Tingchao’s whereabouts.
BPMB: “Don’t you have anything to do? Is that your duty to check?”
Zhu Keming, the first Falun Gong practitioner who sued former leader Jiang Zemin, had been held in Beijing in the past, he speculated that Xin’s disappearance could have three reasons.
Zhu Keming: “One is, that Xin is sent to another city: it is difficult to find out in a short time, he won’t be held in Beijing. Second is, that he might be tortured to death in prison. They won’t tell the truth whether Xin is killed in Beijing or local. The third is that he has been organ harvested.”
Sources say that Xin is a Falun Gong practitioner, he is a farmer and lived in Dongnanzu village, Laishui County, Hebei Province.
In his livelihood, he follows the principles of “Truth, Compassion and Tolerance”. Villagers said he was a kind person. For many years, Xin and his wife looked after elderly and disabled people in the village. The couple helped them carry water, taking baths, and helped them swept snow off their roof.
When villagers heard that Xin was arrested just because of distributing a DVD, they were very angry. They actively signed petition letters to call for the release of Xin. One villager said: “We signed, all our family members had signed, we also called our daughter, who moved out after marriage, to come home and sign it.”
In three days, 500 people signed petitions, within a week, signatures reached 1,247. Up to May 10, finger-print-signatures reached 6,368.
Observers reveal that news of the finger-print-signatures circulated and shocked high-levels in Zhongnanhai.
Xing Tianxing: “The persecution of Falun Gong has lasted many years, many people know the truth. Some people stood up to speak for victims, so many finger-print-signatures represents the people’s will.”
Xing Tianxing says that the CCP’s evil nature is to damage the country and the people. Thus it dares to persecute people like Xin Tingchao who has been supported by many citizens. Xing urges the public to go to the prison and request to see Xin.
Xing Tianxing: “In prison, there is a system of organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners. Xin Tingchao now was disappeared, and people are worried. They should go and ask the prison to hand out Xin. If they don’t hand out Xin, Tianhe Prison should be accused of murder. They cannot shirk from their responsibilities.”
Sources say that the CCP’s crime of organ harvesting of live Falun Gong practitioners has been consistently exposed. Last December, the first petition against live organ harvesting has been signed by 310 people in China. Within half a month, the second petition had been signed by 6,259 people. Up to March 26, the third petition received 11,015 signatures. Recently, in Tangshan City, 4,688 people signed their names against live organ harvesting.
A man in his 50s, wrote a message after he signed the petition:“Let’s work hard together for a bright future that is without the evil CCP.”

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