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Lawsuit Filed Against the Abduction of a Daughter Visiting her Father


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Human Rights lawyers protest

Bian Xiaohui from Heibei province in China and her cousin, Chen Yinghua who accompanied her to visit her father, weres abucted by Shijiazhuang state security police when she attempted to visit her father in prison.
Bian Xiaohui’s father, Bian Lizhao, was originally a teacher at School in Tangshan. Because he practices Falun Gong, he was kidnapped two years ago, and was subsequently illegally sentenced to 12 years.
Since March 4 this year, Bian Xiaohui pulled open a banner with “I want to see my father” in front of the prison gate and Shijiazhuang Justice Department.
AS a result, Bian Xiaohui and Chen Yinghua were put on trial recently.
Defense lawyers said that the court ignored the fact that Chen Yinghua’s physical conditions were unfit for trial. She is physically weak due to a long-time hunger strike and weighs less than 50 jin (55 pounds).
Both lawyers went to the Shijiazhuang Municipal Procuratorate to sue this illegal trial.
The day after they were abducted, Bian Xiaohui’s families were all arrested and locked up for no reason except that her father practices Falun Gong.
Chen Yinghua’s mother, Huang Jinling, a citizen in Calgary, Canada, held a press conference in front of the Chinese Consulate General in Calgary two days prior to the trial to strongly condemn and protest the illegal trial by the CCP.
Huang Jinling said that Chen Yinghua was illegally arrested by CCP police and imprisoned to date without any criminal conduct. Chen is extremely skinny as she went on hunger strike in prison to protest. And she is now and in critical condition.
Huang Jinling called on the President of the CCP, Xi Jinping, to pay attention to this case.

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