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Stories in Front of a Chinese Consulate

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Protests in front of Chinese consulates

In front of the Chinese Consulates around the world, Tuidang activists- mostly Falun Gong practitioners, tell people the truth about how the Chinese Communist regime violates basic Human rights in China. The activists also help Chinese people to quit from the Chinese Communist Party. I am also a Tuidang activist. I share here some of my personal experiences and scenes I have witnessed while doing this important work.

People Who Believe Communist Propaganda Remind Us to Work Harder

To help people understand why it is important to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) we prepare a lot of reading materials to help people understand the crimes the CCP has committed against the Chinese people. We display banners around the Chinese Consulate which state: “The CCP Harvests Organs from Living Falun Gong Practitioners”, “80 Million

People Were Killed by the CCP’s Tyranny”, “Bring Jiang Zemin, Luo Gan, Liu Jing and Zhou Yongkang to Justice”
Every day, a good number of Chinese tourists come to shop or to eat nearby, and get the opportunity to listen to the truth.

The activists, always, peacefully give them materials explaining those matters, but some are not ready to listen to the truth because they believe in, and have been misled by Chinese propaganda.

Once, a young girl who looked like a high school student didn’t accept the materials. She made a rude gesture with her middle finger and shook her fist at us. She boarded the tour bus and left.
What she left on our hearts was not hatred, but a deep regret: we couldn’t help her know the truth, so she would highly likely follow the evil path of the CCP and meet a bad future accordingly. This reminded us that we should try our best to spread the truth, and curb the damaging effects of CCP propaganda.

From then on, we all became more diligent in our efforts to persuade the Chinese people to quit the CCP, with an eager mind to let them know and understand the truth.

Because we were so keen on our mission, difficulties, such as bad weather, could not block us at all. For example, one day in early winter it suddenly rained hard. The rain soaked through and then froze my clothing and the banners. At that time I really wanted to go home to get dry and warm. But I kept standing there to continue what I should do.

Chinese Tourist Quit the Party

On some days, four or five tour buses stop by the consulate. When the people in the front of the line or bus accept the materials, almost everyone behind them will also accept. If the people in front won’t accept them, the same will be with the people behind them.

Some tour guides or delegation leaders tell the people not to accept the materials, as they would encounter problems upon their return to China. In that case, we tell them directly about the persecution and the CCP’s brutality, such as the crime of live organ harvesting and torture. After listening to the truth, some Chinese people wrote a statement and declared to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations right in front of the Chinese Consulate.

Once, with the driver and tour guide’s permission, I got on a bus full of Chinese tourists and began to distribute materials from the front seats. Every one accepted the materials and began to read. However, a woman in her 50s rudely said, “Falun Gong even distributes materials on the bus!” Since no one responded her, she felt awkward and didn’t say anything else. When I offered her the materials, she accepted them as well. But there were not enough materials for the last three rows, so I got down and fetched more. Everyone on the bus got the materials.

People Support Us

Many people, including many tourists and local residents support us. Some passers-by stopped and read the banners and materials, and some signed the petition to condemn the CCP’s harvest of internal organs from the bodies of still-living Falun Gong practitioners.

The police officers standing nearby always greet us with smiles when we pass them to hang up banners. Many passers-by asked us if we have new materials. Some give us the thumbs-up sign. Some people bought us food, flowers or wish us well. Some tried to give us money, which we always politely decline.

One day in winter, when I was distributing materials in the cold and wind with a fellow practitioner, a car stopped in front of us. A neatly dressed middle-age man came out of the car, took several hand-warming bags from the trunk, opened them, and then put them in our hands. We thanked him and gave him truth clarifying materials. He looked at us admiringly and left.

Some tour guides also have come to understand the truth. When some Chinese tourists refused to accept the materials, they tell them, “Just take them and read.” They also let us distribute materials on the buses. But one day, a delegation leader did not accept the materials and refused to listen to me. She yelled at the people behind her and forbade them to take the materials. I said,

“Everybody makes his or her own choices, which is our human right endowed by Heaven”. Although she was shouting, several Chinese people behind her accepted the newspaper without hesitation. Some of them even said, “Yes, Heaven will destroy the CCP!” Some of them expressed sincere appreciation when they received and accepted the newspapers.

Help end Communism world wide. Sign the End CCP Petition at

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