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Public Figures Quit the CCP

The Chinese people are no longer in fear. Amids the tide of the Tuidang Movement, righteous people from all walks of life have publicly declared their separation from the evil CCP. Among them are many well-known elites in media, sports, politics, legal and science fields. Freed from the shackles of terror and lies of CCP, they publicly expressed their heartfelt voices:

Guan Guimin

“Only when it (the CCP) collapses, can the Chinese have a good life, can the Chinese people have hope! If this is not the case, then we Chinese will always be dark forever, so I hope everyone can recognize this problem and quit the CCP.”

Famous tenor Guan Guimin

Gao Zhisheng

“Withdrawing from the wicked, unjust, and inhumane CCP, proudest day of my life! … I think the most fundamental way of solving the China problem is to abandon this evil system. The “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party” provides an excellent way. Spreading the “Nine Commentaries” and “Tuidang (Quit CCP Movement)” is by far the most effective and peaceful way.”

– Three times Nobel Peace Prize nominee, “Chinese Conscience” lawyer Gao Zhisheng

Chen Guangcheng

“ The CCP has reached such a situation where it is doomed. Its end is near. Look at these things the CCP has done in China, it has already drawn wraths among humans and the gods.”

– Famous Chinese civil rights lawyer Chen Guangcheng

Chen Yonglin

“The Tuidang Movement is the awakening of the Chinese nation’s conscience and gives hope to the Chinese people. …As a diplomat, I should serve the national interest, but most of what I do here is not for the national interest, but persecuting my own people and myself. In fact, I have became a tool of the Communist Party to persecute the people, and this is against my conscience.”

–  Chen Yonglin, a former diplomat of the Chinese Communist Party and first secretary of the Chinese Consulate-General in Sydney, publicly announced his separation from the Chinese Communist Party at the June 4th rally in Sydney​

Hao Fengjun

“I am Hao Fengjun, 32 years old, and I used to work in the 610 Office of Tianjin Public Security Bureau in Mainland China. I joined the Communist Party of China in 1991 and I am now in Melbourne, Australia. I solemnly announce my withdrawal from the Communist Party, the Communist Youth League and the Young Pioneers. These organizations have nothing to do with me from now on, so it’s clear. Because when I joined the Communist Party of China, I had high expectations for the Chinese Communist Party, but in fact it was not what I thought. What it is currently implementing in mainland China is a dark ruling and a system without human rights, so here I solemnly declare to withdraw from the Communist Party and all its organizations.”

– Former Tianjin Public Security Bureau “610 Office” official and first-level superintendent Hao Fengjun issued a statement to withdraw from the party

Han Guangsheng

“I joined the Communist Party of China on March 5, 1980 and have served the Communist Party loyally. However, more and more facts have made me deeply and painfully realized that the CCP is by no means a party that ‘puts the interests of the people above all else’ as it keeps saying. It is an authoritarian, brutal, corrupt, and extremely hypocritical and extremely weak vested interest group. Such a party is no longer compatible with my ideals and beliefs. Therefore, I solemnly declare: I withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party.。”

– Formerly: Member of the Disciplinary Inspection Committee of the Shenyang Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China; Member of the Political and Legal Committee of the Shenyang Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China; Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Shenyang Municipal Justice Bureau of the Communist Party of China.
Han Guangsheng issued a statement of quitting the party