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This pandemic could have been prevented if the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) did not lie. Yet, ever since it took over China, hundreds of millions of people have been suffering from its endless deceptions and brutality. The demon CCP has plundered the ancient land of China, and now its terror has spread globally, affecting everyone. It is time for us to stand up against its evil deeds and put an end to the Chinese Communist Party!

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‘We Don’t Want the Communist Party’: Chinese Rise Up Against ‘Zero-COVID’ Lockdowns

Leo Timm | Vision Times The last couple of weeks have seen a growing protest movement throughout China as people fed up with the communist regime’s crushing pandemic measures take to the streets by the hundreds or thousands.  Since 2020, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its leader Xi Jinping have insisted on a draconian “zero-COVID” policy that tries to eradicate the novel coronavirus from the country — and in order to do so, they’ve resorted to locking people in their homes or in quarantine camps, making them line up for frequent COVID tests, and shuttering much of the economy.  According to various human rights and China-watching groups, protests against “zero-COVID” broke out in dozens of Chinese cities, two-thirds of the country’s provinces, and on nearly 100...

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